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Poker, played by millions all over the world, involves skill and precision and is a real-money game of cards that is played with a full deck. Start your journey on Baazi Mobile Gaming and enjoy free games and exciting deposit offers!

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How to Play Poker Online

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Poker in many ways is similar to the game of Teen Patti:

  • Players compete against each other with real money to see who has the best hand.
  • There are multiple rounds in which players keep adding to the pot (money in the centre). To continue to the next round, each player must match the amount being added. Otherwise they fold their cards (exit the round).
  • At the end, players have a showdown (show their cards). The player with the strongest hand wins and takes all the money in the pot.
  • If a player raises the money in the pot and no one adds any more, then that player can take the whole pot without showing his cards.

While the rounds and approach to Poker is like that of Teen Patti, there are many crucial differences that add to the math and psychology aspects, making poker a far greater game of skill.

  • In Poker, along with the cards each player is dealt, there are also common cards for all players that open on the table (community cards).
  • After each round of adding to the pot, new cards will open on the table for players to use.
  • Players must make their strongest 5-card combination using the cards in their hand and on the table.
  • To start the game, 2 players must add a forced amount to the pot so that there is something to compete for.

The addition of community cards with a new card opening each round makes poker a far more strategic and mental game. Players can use the cards on the table to their advantage in creative and intelligent ways to out-think their opponents. Do you have what it takes to win in this game of skill?

Before you can begin, you need to know Poker hand rankings!

Poker Hand Rankings

  • Royal flush- 5 highest cards of one suit in a proper sequence. Example- A-K-Q-J-10.
  • Straight flush- Any five cards of one suit in numerical order. Example- 6,7,8,9,10.
  • Four of a kind- This involves four cards of the same rank and a kicker (5th card) of any value. Example- A-A-A-A-7.
  • Full house- Three cards with the same rank and two cards of another rank. Example- K-K-7-7-7.
  • Flush- A poker set of five cards belonging to a similar suit. Example- K-Q-3-8-1-0.
  • Straight- Five cards belonging to different suits in numerical order. Example- 9-8-7-6-5.
  • Three of a kind- Three poker cards of the same rank and two non-related cards. Example- J-J-J-2-5.
  • Two pairs- Two separate card pairs and one non-related card. Example- Q-Q-7-7-3.
  • Pair- Two cards of a similar rank and 3 non-related cards.
  • High card- In this, when the hands are compared, and no player hits any combination, the player with the high card wins the hand.

Baazimobile Gaming

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Common Poker Terms

Here is what you need to know-All the players at a table are dealt with two cards, placed face down.
Players can either use or not use these two cards and the shared community cards (five in number) to make a great poker hand.
Players can call, check, raise or fold.
The player who has the best hand will win. Alternatively, if a player can make his opponents fold, he wins.

Cash Games Vs. Tournaments

Cash Games: Games in which players use the money which they buy-in with, The amount of chips put into the pot is the same as the money. Players can join and leave cash games at any time. Stakes for each table are fixed.Tournaments: Games in which players pay an entry-fee to participate. They are then given a certain amount of chips to compete. Chip stack and size varies on the type of tournament. Players compete to see who can collect the most chips and last the longest, they are then compensated with prize money depending on the position in which they finish. In tournaments, blinds keep on increasing.

Why Play Poker Online on BMG

With so many gaming platforms popping up, players find it difficult to trust the appropriate one. Games like poker, rummy etc involve real money as well, and this is why players need platforms that can be trusted. BMG is exactly the platform you are looking for if you are also interested in playing poker games online and winning real money. Thousands of players are already a part of this platform, enjoying the bonuses and the tournaments, depositing and withdrawing money, and enjoying to their heart’s fill.

On BMG, you can:

Withdraw your money at any time. All withdrawals are processed within 24 working hours. The bank-grade encryption ensures that your money is safe.
Enter the free tournaments, play, and win real chip bonus (RCB) that can be used to play cash games for free.
Hone your skills by playing free online poker.
Practice responsible gaming with specific tools that help maintain your bankroll and ideal gaming behavior.

Tips to Play Online Poker

You have to be extremely skillful at winning at a poker game. When playing poker online, you need to make sure that you know certain important rules that will help you make your gameplay better.

Here are a few tips that you should follow, which can be applied to all poker variants.

Make sure that you are watching all the showdown hands carefully when you play poker online. Showdowns will help you understand what your opponent is deciding or thinking, and you will be able to take your call as per that.
Ensure that you are aware of all the rules and poker hand rankings to play better.
Always ensure that you are starting at low stakes. This will help you to decipher the appropriate poker strategy. You will be comfortable at the game as you are not going to risk a huge amount of money.
When you decide to play in Texas Hold’em poke or Omaha poker, your position is the obvious factor that has to be considered. You are going to win more cash from the later positions, so play from there.
To understand poker perfectly, avoid multi-tabling and stick to a single table. Absorb everything that you can from your opponents and work on improving the gameplay.
You might not know, but playing poker when you are not in the right mental state will do you more harm as you will not be able to make calculated decisions. Play poker only when you are relaxed because it involves real cash as well.
Rules to Play Poker Online
To win at tournaments and win real cash by playing online poker games, you need to follow poker's associated rules.

Here the rules that you need to know:

The poker game is played with a complete deck of cards (52 cards).
The game includes one dealer, who is an integral part of the game.
The player present on the dealer's left side starts the game by deciding to bet or check.
Once the first player takes his call, the table players can bet, check, raise, or fold.
In the end, the player having the best hand wins the poker game.
Players also have the option to put all his/her chips in the pot (depending on the variant, in PLO, there’s an upper limit). One usually acts this way when he/she is confident that he/she has the strongest hand.
This is called going ‘All In’. Doing so will require all other players to follow suit or give up their current hand.

Ages and Abilities to Play Poker

To play online poker with friends, you have to be at least 18 years of age. You can register on BMG, fill in your details, and start playing poker now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Poker is a game of cards, played with a complete deck, where the players have to bet their hands, check, raise the bet, or concede/fold the cards. At the end of the game, whichever player has the best poker hand or who can intimidate the opponents into folding their cards wins the game.

Answer: As a beginner player of the poker game, you can watch the experienced players' gameplay. To play poker online, you need to ensure that you know all the possible strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you win. Once you know how to play poker, no one can beat you at the game.

Answer: To play Indian poker, register on the platform of BMG. Baazi Mobile Gaming is by far a top gaming platform, where you can play free online poker along with the tournaments that offer real cash. Ensure that all the details with which you register on the platform are genuine to avoid getting banned from the platform.

Answer: Yes, you can play poker online, legally, on BMG. BMG allows players above the age of 18 to register on the platform with their authentic details such as KYC. Once that is done, they can enjoy the different poker variants available online including OFC poker!

Answer: Yes, you can win money when you play poker online on BMG. You can play poker for free and also choose to enter the tournaments. If you win at the tournaments, you win real cash. This can be withdrawn at any time, and all withdrawals on BMG are processed within 24 working hours.

Answer: You can play online poker with friends by registering on BMG. Players can create their own private tables, set their own buy-ins, stakes and guarantees. Once the requisites are filled, the player can send an invite code for the table to his friends. Other players can join the table using the code and play together online.

Answer: To download poker, simply visit Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) and download the app. Create your user account and click on a poker game. You will be redirected to the game automatically and you can start playing poker online immediately.